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I really enjoyed your music at the Calistoga Farmers Market today. And it was nice talking to you afterward. Hope to see you play again soon. Richard
An My dear Mrs Rose, I've been thinking of you and your family. Mostly you and your singing. glad you never stopped. Especially happy to have been there when you found Rodney and the future. Ah the daffodils. Please send your address. Maybe one day I'll just surprise you and stop in with rescue greyhound - ROSE!
Like your name, music, & t-shirt. Found you while looking up my own name. I want to get your CD and a t-shirt. You have a new fan in Oklahoma!
Hi Dawn, One evening I was watching American Idol and thought of you, so I looked you up and there you were. You sound great. Much success to you.
give it up! the whole project is a pathetic waste of everybody's time. there is no entertainment at all in anything!!! I am just kidding! the CD, songwriting and the live show is packed with fun for children of all ages. The CD has been on the playlist in my truck since i got it! I started off mean to get people's attention. but really the music does that already. Thanks for everything-jpm3
Just bought your album from iTunes! Love it!! You have a wonderful gift~ Thank you for sharing!
Hope your new CD is a huge hit!! Great style and sound.
Hi Dawn! We are very happy to be able to listen to your music. We are hoping to take a vacation south sometime and stop by one of those performances of yours. Life is good!
Dawn, Rodney and there family are an inspiration to all of us that dare to live our dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Dawn, best of luck with your music site. Hope to come and see you play. Love Ed
Hello Dawn!! My name is Rocky Hensel, I'm a singer/songwriter in L.A. I met you a couple years ago at the St. Helena farmers market. I just want to say how cool it was to see you live. I think both you & your songs are amazing!!
I love that pic on the first page.It reminds me of a modern day version of Maxfield Parrish of the early century...1900's that is.
Your new album is simply amazing! I can't wait for the official release!!!
Woo hoo! It's about time! Good job!
MOMMEY!!!!! I loves you!