Step By Step

by Dawn Rose

Released 2010
Dawn Rose Music
Released 2010
Dawn Rose Music
Haunting acoustic-pop, in a deep pocket of rock.
This new album features twelve original acoustic-rock songs that will make you want to linger and listen.

After making three CDs over the past ten years - one solo and two with Sweet Burgundy - Dawn became fiercely determined to find the right producer to help her create top quality recordings of some of her complex, lyrical, original rock music in a contemporary style.

Dawn hired producer Tom Corwin, of Mill Valley, California (Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder) to produce the first few songs. The project quickly took on a life of it’s own, turning into artist development and co-writing. What began as giving a few previously written songs a chance to shine turned into a full-length album with six songs Dawn brought to the table, and six brand new songs created together. Between using some of the finest Bay Area studio musicians to record the material, and painstaking time spent on every detail, from writing, to recording, to mixing, the result is an album on which every track is a gem.

On the album: Dawn Rose - Acoustic guitar & vocals; Tom Corwin - Bass & vocals; Gawain Mathews - Guitars & mandolin, John R. Burr - Grand piano, Hammond B-3 organ, other keyboards; David Tucker - Drums and percussion; Skyler Jett - Back-up vocals; Sandy Griffith - Back-up vocals; Manose Newa - Bamboo flute

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