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Happily Whatever After

Dawn Rose

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Recorded during the 2020 Covid lockdown, we put some ska into this rocking tune about the growing isolation caused by devices and social media.

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Story of the song

This song came about from my enjoyment of the current use of the word "whatever."  Initially I thought of using the phrase "happily whatever after" on a t-shirt. Then I realized it could be a song, and created lyrics combining fairy-tale imagery and the story of young people relying on social media, gaming and devices - imagining how all this could affect their search for relationships and love.

I wanted the music to be up-beat, came up with an interesting guitar lick to begin the song, and found nice open chords for my acoustic guitar part.  In the studio we realized the song could have a good ska-rock feel, so that's when I chose my good friend, A.W. Pratt (Tony) to play guitar. He added the bubble and skank, and the wailing solos for the lead break. Christopher Krotky of Soundwire Studios produced, engineered and played the drums and keyboards, and chose Jen Rund to play bass. Because of the pandemic, we were shut down for months, had to work remotely and the song seemed to take on a life of it's own. I am excited to share the final result!

A final note: Check out the Netflix film The Social Dilemma - it mirrors the ideas I am portraying in my song!

Recording "Happily Whatever After"